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Pabobo? Night night!

While it is true that good sleep is essential for healthy development, it is also true that when children sleep well, the whole family benefits! The inventor of portable nightlights, a pioneer in LED use and universal charging by micro-USB, Pabobo develops bright solutions to improve the sleep of little ones and offer restful nights to the whole family! Our goal is to improve the nights of children and their parents, so everyone can have sweet dreams.

Sleep soundly

Our requirements exceed industry standards. Because we are parents, we set the bar high. All our nightlights are developed in collaboration with experts in the field and then tested, tested and tested again! At Pabobo, there’s only one thing you do not laugh at, and that’s childrens’ safety. From the materials used to the smallest design details, all our products meet the most demanding market standards. Our entire range is certified by independent international laboratories to illuminate the lives of little ones in complete safety.

A recognized brand

Developed in Paris, our creations are sold in France and internationally. They regularly receive awards from parents and experts in child care. That’s why, for more than 10 years, Pabobo has been recognized as the children’s sleep expert. When you choose Pabobo, you have the choice of many products. By focusing on efficiency and ease of use, our solutions make it easier for children to calmly fall sleep and stay asleep.

Pabobo today

Since then, Louis has grown up and so have we. Today, Pabobo counts 11 employees in its Parisian offices and surrounds itself with the best illustrators, designers and modellers. The nightlights and star projectors are distributed in more than 20 countries and 3,000 points of sale. Yet our philosophy remains the same: to make life easier for children and their parents!

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