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Everleigh & Me

At Everleigh & Me, we design functional products for families with small children. 

The idea for Everleigh & Me originated when my daughter Everleigh was 4 months old and started eating solid foods. I was shocked at how quickly a dinner meal could end up in a mess and especially the floor under her highchair had to be cleaned several times a day. All the many spills were ruining our hardwood floors and would steal my attention off Everleigh when I was laying on all fours wiping oatmeal from the cracks of our floors. 

In my frustrations, I began searching for a solution that could save my floor, but the only thing I could find were transparent office chair pads that did not suited the style of my home. I therefore took the matter into my own hands and spent 8 months designing a practical and non-slip splat mat that matched my own criteria. It should be easy to clean, fit into a nordic home and of course consist of good and safe materials.

Today we have sold over 10,000 splat mats and Everleigh & Me is sold in more than 20 countries. 

We are soon ready to launch more products in 2021, designed to make everyday life easier for parents with small children.

 Thank you for supporting us on our journey!

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