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Caramel et Cie


Going to school is all about learning to share: friends, songs, hide-and-seek games, pretty notebooks and crayons.

At school, children share these moments of discovery and emotion but they each have their own schoolbag. Unique, different, personal, the schoolbag allows the child to express his identity within the group.

When Rafaela Garcia designs a schoolbag for Caramel & Cie, she creates what will become a link between the child's family cocoon and the great adventure that is school. She conceives her school bags as friends, accomplices of the children they accompany throughout their daily lives.


















Born in Venezuela in 1975, Rafaela Garcia had a happy childhood in a house full of children, colors and music. As a little girl with an overflowing imagination, she transforms her toys, creates extravagant dresses for her dolls, and has fun making costumes for herself and her brothers.

Very quickly she knows she wants to be a designer. She first studies in Prodiseño, the prestigious graphic design school in Caracas, then at the ENSCI-les ateliers in Paris.

In 2015, Rafaela creates Caramel & Cie. Not only a brand, it is a creative, playful and human project that involves independent manufacturers in Vietnam, craftsmen whose know-how, entrepreneurial spirit and courage she admires.


Today Caramel & Cie is a young company based in Montreuil, an inner suburb of Paris, which owes its success to a dynamic team for whom providing irreproachable service and quality is a personal commitment.

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